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FAQs about the Pack 33 Cub Scout Program: 


As of Summer 2018, Pack 33 is a "Family Pack" meaning we welcome both boys and girls to join us as Cub Scouts. Cub Scouting is a program for children ages 5−10, who are in grades K−5.  You may join Cub Scouts during any one of the six Cub Scout years, and are placed in a Den with other scouts of the same grade led by parent volunteers. Cub Scouts develop friendships and grow as learners and leaders through the Scouting program.  The program is family oriented and parent participation is required for most activities. When appropriate, siblings are welcome. We strive to be an inclusive Pack.  




An active Scout is a happy Scout! The Pack organizes a number of fun activities throughout the year including camping trips at Camp Tamarancho and a winter trip to Camp Marin Sierra. We organize overnight experiences like our trip to the USS Hornet and Point Bonita. We also have community service projects such as our autumn food drive for the Marin Food Bank, helping at the TCSD Haunted House, and our Earth Day cleanup.  Don't forget traditional scouting events like the Pinewood Derby and our Rocket Launch Day. These are highlights of the Scouting year and participation is highly encouraged. Check out our Activities Page for full details.

Monthly Pack meetings will also have special activities including games, awards, and sometimes skits or songs, and are a great way for Scouts of all ages to get together, and for Pack parents to connect. 

Den meetings, usually held monthly, will have activities that are more age specific and more connected to advancement goals as scouts work toward their next badge or rank.  

Individual Advancement


At each level, Scouts learn new skills related to their development as community members and as part of the Scouting team. The boys and girls get a lot of satisfaction out of mastering new skills and earning their advancement. As discussed below, much of this program is designed to be done by the Scout with his or her parents, not as part of the Pack or Den activities. Your help is key to giving your scout the full benefit of Scouting.  Track advancement with the Scoutbook online tool included with your membership in the Pack.

Lion - Kindergarden.  New in the 2018-2019 year, Pack 33 is again forming a Lion den for your youngest scouts, with age appropriate schedules and activities. It is a great way to introduce your boy or girl to a lifetime of scouting adventure

Tiger - 1st Grade   Tigers must be 6 years old or in the 1st grade. They join with a parent and meet as a “Den” of about 6-12 scouts, once a month. They learn about the core values of Scouting while having fun, discovering and sharing. They wear Navy Blue shirts, orange hats and neckerchiefs.

Wolf - 2nd Grade Scouts must be seven years old or in the second grade. They work on activities contained in the Wolf Handbook. They wear Navy Blue shirts with red neckerchiefs and hats.

Bear - 3rd Grade Scouts must be eight years old or in the third grade. They work on the Bear Handbook. They wear Navy Blue shirts with sky blue hats and neckerchiefs.

Webelos - 4th  & 5th  Grades    Webelos wear plaid scarves and a different cap and scarf slide to distinguish them from the younger boys. They wear Khaki shirts. They work toward the ultimate symbol of Cub Scouting achievement, the ARROW OF LIGHT 

Membership and Dues

Pack dues are payable each fall, see our registration page for more info. These dues cover your national BSA membership, a subscription to our scouting magazine, and other items including a pinewood derby car kit, patches, awards, a account, and other pack expenses.  Dues do not cover a pack's full expenses, and are supplemented by fundraising such as our popcorn sale in the Fall.  A BSA application and pack application are both required, please see our Registration page. 

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is required for the success of your son or daughter and for the success of our Pack. The pack can do a lot for your scout, but we do it better when you are involved. We ask each family to participate in some way in helping our pack. There are ways to meaningfully help that can fit most any schedule. Our leaders are all parent volunteers. Please see more details on our Parent Participation and Volunteer Roles page.  

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