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2019 Fall Popcorn Drive

What is the Popcorn Drive?

The fall popcorn drive is the Pack's main fundraiser for the year and is critical for bridging the gap between our expenses and the money raised from dues. It raises money for the Pack and for Marin County Council. Scouts can earn prizes for reaching higher sales, this year gift cards are the incentive prize. 

How do I sign up?

Grab a fellow scout and sign up for a shift online, the more help the better. We will accept more than 3 scouts per shift, but for now signupgenius is open for 3 scouts per shift until all shifts are filled.  Click the link below!

Returning for 2019: online sales 

The fastest way to sell is to create your own online sales site via Contrary to popular myth, you do not need to be able to program in C++ or Python to set up your own sales site. We can show you how to do it!  Our pack receives 50% commissions on online sales, so these sales are the most direct way short of an outright donation to help our pack thrive. If you create your own individual site, your sales count toward our incentive prizes too! 


If you just want a simple link to send to friends without setting up a personal account, we have set up a pack sales account via Trail's End, send out the link to friends and family who might be out of area. 



Where and When do we Sell?

Scouts set up a table in front of supportive local merchants, our traditional location has been Goodman Building Supply Co., who have again graciously agreed to host us this October.  We also sell at the Strawberry Safeway, thanks for hosting us. Sales are made by cash or using a Square card reader to take credit card payments. Many people also just come up to make a donation to support Scouting in our community.  We make a point to teach our scouts to be polite, clear-spoken, honest and cheerful, and to thank both those who support us and those who choose not to.  A scout is, after all, Friendly, Courteous, Kind and Cheerful! Parents help with the cash box, inventory management, selling tips and credit card payments. Scouts can also sell to friends and family using a paper order form or online options.

What does the money fund?

Money raised by the Popcorn Drive goes to support many Pack activities including social events, camping fees, patches badges and trophies, facility rentals, and our Spring Pack Campout.

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