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Fall Pack Adventure 2018: Point Bonita!

Thanks to all who came to the Pack 33 Fall Overnight Adventure 

November 3rd-4th, 2018

What to Expect

Point Bonita's camp facilities are run by the San Francisco YMCA. Indoor overnight accommodations, a dining hall, campfire amphitheater, and access to the Marin Headlands await our Pack families starting at 11am Saturday and going through 11am Sunday.  Meals are included from Saturday lunch through Sunday breakfast. We plan to participate in some activities led by YMCA staff, some pack activities including a campfire, with some unscheduled time left for families to explore on their own. Total cost will be $110 pp via Paypal per person, registration is first-come first-served via our signupgenius only, as announced at our pack meeting.  Feel free to quiz the cubmaster on his knowledge of air defense missile systems if you tour the Nike missile site nearby!

Our program will include a special private tour of the Point Bonita Lighthouse after breakfast on Sunday. The lighthouse was built in 1855, to help ships navigate the treacherous seas around the Golden Gate. The lighthouse is still an active US Coast Guard navigation aid.  Parts of the trail to the lighthouse are steep, and parents are advised to maintain close supervision of their children on the hike and tour. The second order Fresnel lens can be seen 18 miles away in clear conditions. The light cycle is three seconds on, one off.  An electric fog horn also sends out two blasts every 30 seconds when a laser fog sensor is triggered.


As is the Pack 33 way, please be respectful of others and good stewards of the land and facilities as we visit. Also, we have a strict departure time, so please keep to the schedule and have your gear cleaned up and packed in cars before the 9am meet time for the Lighthouse tour on Sunday so that we can be out by 11am (parties staying 15 minutes beyond departure are assessed additional fees by the YMCA).

What to Bring

ALL ATTENDES NEED A COMPLETED MEDICAL RELEASE (print out yours below).  As with other scout camps, I recommend you keep an electronic copy of the pdf on your home computer updated, and print as needed. Parents please keep the releases with you at camp.


Each camper should have their own sleeping bag and pillow, or bedsheet and blankets.  Bunks and sleeping pads are provided but no linens are provided. The sleeping area may get cool at night. You may want ear plugs, and an extra sheet to drape over your bunk to make it darker if you are a light sleeper.

Proper clothing is a must, as is a complete change of clothes, but weather can be quite variable ranging from clear, warm and sunny to foggy, cold and rainy. At a minimum bring a warm hat, jacket, longsleeve shirt, long pants, suitable closed-toe shoes, and a set of sleeping clothes. Please label your Scout's clothes. 

Please have each scout bring their toiletries, sleepwear, and any necessary personal items or medications but please leave personal electronics at home.  Other items to bring are a flashlight or headlamp, towel, scout handbook, sunscreen, sunglasses, lipbalm, water bottle, small backpack, watch, and individual first aid kit. You can also consult the Pack 33 camping checklist.

 Adults are responsible for their children. Note that cell phone service may not be available.

Cub Scout Medical Release
Schedule and Key Info
Directions to Point Bonita YMCA
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