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USS Hornet Air & Sea Museum Pack 33 Overnight:
4:30pm Nov 19th-
10am Nov 20th, 2022

The USS Hornet, currently moored in Alameda, California as a National Historic Landmark, is the eighth ship of the United States Navy to bear that name. Launched August 30,1942 at Newport News, VA, she departed for service in the Pacific theater of World War 2.  In the war she participated in battles in New Guinea, the Caroline Islands, the Marianas, and the Phillipine Sea, as well as the battles for Tinian, Saipan, Guam, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. The Hornet continued to serve in the Pacific until decommissioned 1970.  

USS Hornet by the numbers:

     Length: 872 feet

     Beam (width): 93 feet

     Displacement (weight): 24,580 tons

     Aircraft carried: 82

     Horsepower: 150,000

     Speed: 33 knots

     Armor: 4" hangar deck

     Crew: over 3000

In July of 1969, the USS Hornet was the recovery carrier for the Apollo 11 mission that landed the first men to walk upon the moon. The USS Hornet also recovered the Apollo 12 capsule and crew. The photo on the right shows the astronauts in biological isolation suits with a navy frogman, after splashdown.

About the Visit

Cost for the overnight is payable via Paypal on the signupgenius registration page, this includes two meals (dinner and breakfast). To maximize the opportunity for our scouts to attend, only registered scouts who have paid their dues for 2022-2023 may sign up. A parent or guardian must accompany the scout on this overnight. The Hornet requires overnight guests be at least 7yo.  


Scouts will tour the aircraft carrier including an opportunity for an up close visit with historical aircraft and memorabilia from the Apollo 11 mission. Our evening will start with an introduction to the ship including a safety drill. Our tour of the ship may include the bridge, the combat information center, and engineering spaces.



Scouts will eat dinner and breakfast in a crew mess hall, and sleep in an actual crew bunk for the night.

As in the ship while in service, the bunks are closely spaced, so please be aware of this in advance. Also note that the sleeping area is shared, and we may also have the company of other youth groups. There are separate mens and women heads (bathrooms). 

What to Bring

All parents and scouts MUST bring a completed MEDICAL FORM (below).  Scouts should attend in full uniform including sturdy closed-toe shoes. Bring a backpack or duffel labeled with their name, containing sleeping bag, pillow, extra blanket if desired, a change of clothes, a warm jacket and hat, toothbrush and toiletries, hand towel, water bottle, and flashlight. Earplugs may help light sleepers. The USS Hornet prohibits knives, matches, or electronic devices.  Please make sure to have completed the trip medical form and review the safety pdf below. Jeff has sent the required COVID release also, please bring that too.


Medical Form

[attendees must bring for all in party]

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