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What to Pack for a Hike or Camping Trip?

Here is a helpful checklist of what to bring on a Pack 33 hike or Pack camping trip. Add or remove items as you see fit for the location, duration, and rigor of the outing. Please label personal items with your boy's name. Any special medications such as inhalers or Epi-pens should also be included, and are the responsibility of the supervising parent or guardian.

The Ten Essentials

There are different versions of the "Ten Essentials" list but much like the following list from Boy's Life Magazine of the essential items for Scouts in the outdoors, these items form the basic equipment for safety and survival whether out on the trail or camping at your local drive-in campsite. Some modifications may be needed based on the age and experience of the scout.

1. WATER: in a nonbreakable reuseable waterbottle

2. LIGHT: a flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries


3. RAINGEAR: keep accessible to keep dry and stay warm


4. FOOD: for energy on the trail, please be mindful of food allergies for any food that may be shared

5. FIRST AID KIT: for minor injuries or to stabilize more       serious injuries until help arrives 

6. EXTRA CLOTHES: layers are best. In wet or cold weather a base layer of polypropylene or wool is preferred over cotton.

7. SUN PROTECTION: in the summer, at altitude, or even sunny days in winter, a Scout may need a hat, sunscreen, or sunglasses

8. POCKETKNIFE/MULTITOOL: for older Scouts with appropriate training and certification, for use under adult supervision at the Cub Scout level.  

9. MAP & COMPASS: Scouts will be learning how to use a topographical map and compass, but these are usually not needed at the Cub Scout level. 

10. FIRESTARTER: may be considered as part of emergency gear. Cub Scouts should not be lighting stoves or fires unless as part of an adult supervised activity. Please emphasize with your Scout the importance of fire safety.

Camping Gear

Other items for overnight camping may include the following:

-Sleeping Bag appropriate for weather, with sleeping pad, stuffsack and pillow

-Toiletries: toothbrush, paste, comb, soap and 1/2 roll of toilet paper in a ziplock bag


-Swimsuit & towel

-Scout handbook and uniform

-Water bottle

-Any items specific to the trip, eg Winter Camp or Klondike Derby require winter clothes

-Tent and waterproof groundcloth

-Mess kit: Plate, cup, bowl, utensils in mesh bag (mesh helps items dry)


-Insect repellant


-Pen or pencil

-Backpack or sturdy duffel with padded shoulder straps

-Sturdy close-toed shoes

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