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Winter Camp at Camp Marin Sierra

Camp Marin Sierra in Winter

Pack 33 Winter Camp 2023
December 1-3, 2023

What to Expect

Camp Marin Sierra is a 320 acre Scout camp located in the Tahoe National Forest near north Lake Tahoe at an elevation of 5,300'. Ibach lodge, where we will be staying, has 1-1/2 baths, a full kitchen, a dining area with electric heat, and a sleeping area with 36 bunks heated by a woodburning fireplace. Please be aware that sleeping is in an open bunk room, see pictures below, and we will be in close quarters with your fellow scout families. 


There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor play including hiking and, weather allowing, sledding and snowball fights (don't forget, a scout is kind). Stay off the lake (whether frozen or not)!

Pack 33 will cook and eat together (Saturday breakfast through Sunday breakfast). We expect all parents and scouts to help with the cooking and cleaning. Our goal for food is to be simple and enjoyable! But please note it may be difficult to accommodate all tastes, allergies, and sensitivities, so please be prepared if you require a special diet, a refrigerator, microwave, and full kitchen are available.  


Firewood is available to be split on site for use, only adults may split wood. We ask adults to help keep the fire fueled (including overnight) as it is the main heat source. Anyone splitting wood should wear eye protection, and only split in a marked off woodyard, and if you know how to do so safely. 

Arrive Friday evening or Saturday anytime. Please expect to stay on Sunday morning until all cleaning is finished and Jake the Ranger has given us clearance to leave. Garbage needs to be taken with us when we leave, so plan to bring a bag back in your car. 

What to Bring

ALL ATTENDEES (including parents) NEED A COMPLETED MEDICAL RELEASE (print out yours below). Turn this in upon arrival to the Cubmaster or designee.


Each camper should have their own sleeping bag and pillow, or bedsheet and blankets. Bunks and sleeping pads are provided (see photos) but no linens are provided. The sleeping area may get chilly at night. You may want ear plugs, eye shades, and an extra sheet or two to drape over your bunk to make it darker if you are a light sleeper or for more privacy. 

Winter clothing is a must, as is a complete change of clothes, but weather can be quite variable ranging from sun to rain to snow. At a minimum bring a warm hat, winter jacket, winter pants, suitable boots or shoes, wool socks, winter gloves, and two sets of layered undergarments. Polypropylene or wool undergarments are best, avoid cotton. Lighter clothes might be suitable depending on the weather. Please label your scout's gear.

Please have each scout bring their toiletries, sleepwear, mess kit and any necessary personal items but leave electronics at home.  Other items to bring are a flashlight or headlamp, towel, scout handbook, sunscreen, sunglasses, lipbalm, water bottle, small backpack, watch, and individual first aid kit.  If snow is anticipated, consider a sled or snowshoes.  You can also consult the Pack 33 camping checklist.

Adults must bring vehicle tire chains (please know how to install them), a snow shovel, an ice scraper, and winter supplies for travel in the Sierra. Be prepared for inclement weather in the mountains! Adults should review the camp Policies and Parking document below. Adults are responsible for their children at all times. Note that cell phone service may not be available.

       Ranger (Jake Van Winkle) 530-333-7741     CalTrans 800-427-7623
Driving Directions
Camp Policies and Parking
Camp Site Map
Cub Scout Medical Release
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