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Uniforms and supplies

Uniforms help your Cub Scout show their scouting pride and foster group unity.  The official uniform (also known as a "Class A" uniform) is the basic uniform for most scouting activities.  Your cub will need a uniform, handbook, and patches. These items may be purchased at the Trading Post at Marin Council Boy Scout Headquarters, 225 West End Avenue, San Rafael (415−454−1081) or online.  Call before you go. Staff at the Trading Post will help you find what you need, ask about curbside pickup.  You can reference the official BSA uniform website at This will link to where you can purchase items online if you prefer.

Checklist of supplies: 

          -Official Cub Scout shirt (blue for Lion, Tiger, Wolf & Bear, khaki for all Webelos scouts)

                              Lions have an official Lion T-shirt but we are recommending you get the

                              blue uniform top, as they can continue using it as a Tiger.  Remember to buy a

                              bit large to allow for growth

          -Pack Numbers (white 3s on red field)

          -Den Numbers: check with your Den Leader

          -Marin Council patch (for left shoulder)

          -Veteran Bar (30 year bar, for consecutive years of pack activity)

          -World Crest (purple fleur-de-lis, worn by scouts in 160 countries)

          -Neckerchief (scarf) and slide appropriate for rank (colors new in 2018)

                              Lion: yellow

                              Tiger: Orange

                              Wolf: Red

                              Bear: Light blue

                              Webelos: Checkered

          -Cub scout hat: appropriate for rank (colors follow the neckerchief, except for Lions)

          -Cub scout belt: to display belt loop badges earned during the year

          -Pants (optional): our Pack does not require "official" pants at the present time. Cubs may wear blue jeans

            or blue shorts or pants to scouting events. Webelos should wear green pants or shorts) 

          -Badge Magic to stick on patches if you don't want to sew them on (Cubmaster tip: peel off the price tag                 from the patch before using the badge magic)

          -Handbook appropriate to your scout's rank (ask for the most up to date version)

Basic camping supplies can be purchased at a local outdoor goods supplier or online. People often have questions about what sort of tent or sleeping bag to get, feel free to ask your den leader or the Cubmaster for advice. See "What to pack for a Campout" under "activities")

About patches

​All other badges, patches, and segments are earned throughout the year and are paid for the by the Pack out of the dues which are collected.  Rank badges indicate the Cub’s rank: Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelos. "Segments" are minipatches awarded for participation in pack or den activities and are collected but not worn on the uniform. Patches not worn on the official uniform, such as segments, and special patches such as fall fiesta patches can be placed on a "brag vest", a red vest some scouts choose to wear as a way of collecting patches during their time in cub scouts.  A visual guide to uniform patch placement is below, for full guidelines (particularly for the world crest placement) consult the attached pdf from the Boy Scouts of America.

Update as of 2019, scouts who earned their LION patch can wear it on their blue scout uniform as noted below. It goes below the left front pocket. Be sure to leave room for other rank badges. 

Official guidelines for uniform patches from the BSA

patch placement for blue uniform
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